Photo Masking

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Need to What type of image masking

This service is also known as image masking,photo masking,model image masking,glass masking,clipping masking and hair masking. This service allows one to add or remove details from the background with immense amount of complex turns and curves. We put pixel intensity values to zero in this process and mask them with perfection. Due to the complexity of these images, using clipping path is nearly impossible. Hence, we use the image masking to preserve the details of such images. Follow below to see the types of image masking services we provide. If you want to know more about this work, please visit 

Photo masking  in Photoshop:

In the world of graphic designing, masking is a way to apply something to a very specific portion of an image. More specifically, layer masking allows you to control or modify the opacity or transparency of particular areas across a single layer in order to add or remove background details. Our expert designer team of 50+ is capable to performing layer masking on 200+ images per day. Layer masking is extremely useful on images that include hair, bubbles, furs or feathers. 

Use of masking:

  • Different e-commerce web sites(If you want to know about e-commerce business please see here.)
  • Photographer
  • Wholesale dealers
  • Newspaper
  • Model agency
  • Studio photographer

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