Vector Graphics

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The evaluators of vector services that we offer in this category are:

For many years, we have provided some important rasters for vector services. For example-

JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, PDF, etc. To convert the vectors,
Vector drawing
Design of artistic artwork vectorial
Vector drawing of a plant (CAD drawing)
Vector map design
Vector product design
Vector logo design service.
We perform all these services using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator and the final delivery format is usually eps, ai or pdf. These types of vector images can be expanded by maintaining the image quality at 100% in any size.

Adobe Illustrator provides numerous methods to generate cut contours. Use the tools with which you feel most comfortable to draw contours around your images. If you are cropping around a vector image, you can use vector contours to create your outline. You can also import trimmed outlines created in a different application, such as Adobe Photoshop.

It is important to align the trimmed contours with the print image when combining printing and cutting information from multiple sources. By aligning the trimmed contours, you can avoid incorrect recordings during the cutting process.Hurry and try our FREE TRIAL service to begin with!

The quality of the cutting contours directly affects the results of the cut, so it is a good idea to carefully examine the work before sending it to the Fiery XF.Well-cut contours are soft vector lines that wrap perfectly around simple and complex areas without unnecessary detail. Cutting contours should always contain the least amount of data necessary to produce the result you are trying to achieve. Poor profiles contain thousands of small tasks that increase the performance and quality of the cutting process. They may also contain incorrect records in critical areas, lost points, unnecessary paths and paths that overlap each other. If you use a bitmap to vector conversion tool to create cropped outlines, be sure to verify the result and perform the necessary cleaning before sending the file to the Fiery XF.

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