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Best Background Removal services in 2023

Are you looking for an agency to remove the background of your image? We are here, we provide high-quality background removal services around the world with 10 years of experience.

What is a Background Removal service?

Background removal service is a way used to remove the background from an image. When keeping the root subject intact. It can be used in various industries like e-commerce, graphics design companies, and advertising.

How to remove the background from the image?

There are several processes to remove the background from an image that will depend on the quality of the image. We will provide three methods to remove the background from an image.

Background Removal process: There are online processes to remove backgrounds like some software specifically designed for background removal including clipping Magic, background removal, or adobe photoshop tools. All these tools you have to use with advanced algothrom to directly and remove background from any images. The result will depend on the quality of the image complexity.

Image Editing Software: If you have software to edit your image like adobe photoshop, that will help you to remove the background of your image. You have to use the tools properly to remove the background from your image. You should use all Photoshop tools like the Magic Wand, Lasso tools, and pen tools to select all the tools manually and you have to select the background area of the image that you want to remove the background.

Why is background removal so important?




Background removal services are including

Remove background: Background removal particularly makes the background transparent from an image so that it will be simple to edit the other uses. The free version will permit you to download 610 to 800 resolutions only. It also gives a free trial for all kinds of services. Though it also takes all types of technology its subscriber charge are high level compared with removal per 40 image package will cost only $7.00 while $70 package image will charge $5.000

Clipping magic.com: Clipping magic image is a whole automotive to remove the background from an image. It promises an easy process of preparing images for four edits. This type of way also includes a few functions like cropping and adjusting colors to make a good result. The price of this kind of service is a bit more expensive this way with the lowest package at $2.00 per month for only 12 credit images.

The advantage and disadvantages of background removal

The advantages and disadvantages of the background are given below.

 Money-saving: A huge number of good backgrounds are available online. On the other hand, image editing software looks as photoshop illustrator and Paintshop pro will charge a huge of money from the client. So all customers can save money by using the online process for removing the background.

Time-saving: If you want to save your time, removing the online background process is time-saving.Doing this job with other photo editing software on your computer. I think it can save you time. Easy to use: Removing background is not an easy call for all. You have to require a decent knowledge of various types of software and processes. But all things are totally different with online tools. They are really easy to use and anyone can use these processes.

What are the reasons for background removal services?

It has some benefits of background removal services such as.

  • Clipping path
  • Image editing
  • Bring Consistency. 
  • Background Manipulation 
  • Easy to Manipulate.  
  • Better for Product Understanding

Why do you use background removal services?

The extra image background of an image looks very unclear near the customer. It creates an image very unnecessary and loses its main point. Removing the background of an image can be brought huge attention to the customer. So it is most important for every image

How do you make your background clear?

  1. Choose the picture in which you want to make clear areas.
  2. You will Click Picture Tools > Recolor > Set clear Color.
  3. Choose the picture.
  4. In the picture, click the color you expect to create clearly. Notes:
  5. Press CTRL+T

How do you create a clear PNG background?


  • Step 1: Step 1:put the picture into the editor.
  • Step 2: Next, You will click the call button on the toolbar and choose clear …
  • Step 3:Excel your endurance
  • Step 4 Then, You will Click the background area that you expect to remove. …
  • Step 5: After removing the background You should store the image as a PNG

How do you create a PNG file?

You should open the image that you expect to change into PNG by clicking File > open. You will have to get your image and then click open .” Once the file is open, click File > Save As. In the next window create  certainly  you have PNG Choose  from the drop-down list of formats, and then click

How do you remove the white background from a picture easily?

  • By opening the file
  • .You must double-click the background layer to resize it to a continuous layer.
  • You can form the Magic wand tool with tolerance=32 on the tool’s options bar, and untick “Contiguous”
  • At first, You should click on a white area, next you will hit cut on the keyboard.
Can you store a JPEG with a transparent background?

You can save image files for your web use as JPEG but it does not support clear background. So, instead, you have to use a format such as GIF, TIF, or, if possible, PNG. The PNG file is little enough for use online but still offers high demand with clearness as well.

How do you make the clipart background transparent?

You can create a clipart background transparent by following these types of rules.

  1.  You will double-click the image, and while  Picture Tools appears, click image Tools Format > Color.
  2. Click Set Transparent Color, and while the pointer converts, click the color you expect  to create clear
How do you change the background from a bitmap image?

You will go to Bitmap > Bitmap color mask to make sure that the hide color is changed, then check the box for the first color, choose the eyedropper under the color change, click the background color that you want to change, and click apply while complete.

How do you search for an image without a background?

  1. At first, you will type in your search term and run your search as normal.
  2. By completing you will get your results, click on “Tools” in the top menu to see the advanced search options.

The “Color” may drop-down menu select the option”.clear

  1.  Finally, you will get The results you get now will be images that have a transparent portion.

How can you copy an image with a transparent background?

By using these types of tools you can copy an image transparently.

  1. You will click Ctrl-A to choose all, and Ctrl-C to copy the image. Click menu File->New…. …
  2. You will open the new document window, I click Ctrl-V and I got this.
  3.  you can notice, that the image itself was pasted as expected, but the background is all white

How do you make an image transparent on Google?

  1. Unlocked your document 
  2. Choose the picture.
  3. Use Image options.
  4. Connect  the clear  slider

How do you create an image fully clear?

Choose the picture that you want to change the color of color  On the Format Picture tab, click Recolor, and then choose the color. Click the color in the picture or image which you want to make a color. Note: You may not create more than one color in the picture color.


Best Image Masking services In 2023


Image masking service is the most important for your e-commerce business. If you are the owner of an eCommerce business, you should use this service to promote your business.

What is Image Masking Service?

Image Masking service is a process of graphic design like Photoshop to deny some unnecessary parts of an image. And to reveal some parts. It is also a protective way of image editing services. All time it provides you to connect and tweak the mask. Most of the time it is a proficient and most-making process of image manipulation service.

How many types of Image masking services?

There are several kinds of image masking services in Photoshop that are very important for your business. Below, I have given the main 3 types of image masking service 

  • Alpha masking service
  • Layer masking service
  • Clipping masking service

Alpha masking service: Alpha masking service means soft masking that perfect for entirely cut-off wonderful image elements like hair, fur, or even comparatively transparent elements such as smoke.

Layer masking service: Alpha masking is a process of a layered contrast to deny a portion of a layer. The process lets for more editing flexibility as opposed to permanently erasing or cutting part of a layer.

Clipping masking service: Clipping masking is also known as a digital image editing strategy taken to cut off or essence of a specific sought or subject from its background. It includes making a specific outline or path around the desired object, separating it from the rest of the image.

Advantages of image masking service

There are several processes to advantage of image masking services. With this service, your Photoshop business will increase overnight around the world. Now I will share with you some important processes given below.

  • Remove the Background from the image: Image masking is the most important for image manipulation strategy to fork out images from the background. With this service, your image can have a team of complexity and pure details, but a masking process may be applied to the essence of the most difficult images from its background in a perfect fashion.
  • Cut-out from the image: Using the masking strategy, you may cut out your image without the embedded background. It will help you simply cut out the image that you want and praise. The strategy lets you crop the image from the background with a very simple.
  • Make Cleanness: The masking strategy will assist to make cleanness affect its visibility without any makeup on the clear. It will also help you to edit your unclear images and it will look more attractive to your customer. With this theme, you can also show your new images and make something unique
  • Use customized Background image: Image masking lets you utilize customized backgrounds for your images. You can use image masking often to make boring photography will look more interesting and eye-catching.


Why do you choose us?

The name of our agency is clipping path studio pro. We built up this company in 2015. We provide all clipping path services such as image masking services, photo editing services, and background removal services. photo retouching service is famous, all over the world. About 20 employers offer all types of services at a cheap rate than other companies. We provide all orders before twodays we also give service until the clients are not satisfied. We provide service 24 hours our employers are very active. You can take a free trial before giving the order.

How can you create an image masking service?

  1. You can make sure that make no part of your image is selected .choose select > unselect.
  2.  In the Layers panel, choose  the layer or group               
  3.  You can also create a mask that expresses the entire layer, click the Add Layer Mask button in the Layers panel, or choose Layer > Layer Mask > express l All

How does an image mask work?

Image masking. Use an image as a mask for work. An image mask is very easy where some of the pixels are very intensely zero and others are non-zero. When the pixel intensity value is zero in the mask image, then the pixel intensity of the resulting masked image will be set to the background value (normally zero).

What is the reason for masking an image?

While discussing masking and the way of images the term ‘masking’ refers to the practice of taking a mask to protect a certain area of an image, just as you would use masking tape when painting your house. Masking an area of an image saves that area from being changed by changes created to the rest of the image.

Image masking is a way of graphics software like photoshop to hide some part of an image and some publish part of the image. It is a non-destructive way of image editing. Most of the time it is to connect and tweak the mask later if you need. All-time it is an appropriate and huge creative way of image manipulation service.

What is the masking process?

Creating is also regarded as a stop of application is employed in the most metal-completing operation where only a particular area of the surface of a part must be exposed to away.

What is the masking area?

Image masking scene, areas are particularly graphics that  can be used to obscure elements of a scene

How do you make masking Reagan?

You can create masking in an image by following these ways.

  1. While complete click the stop mode.
  2. Draw the sketch masking Reagan.
  3. Use annotate tab > detail tab region
  4. use Modify | make Fill-up  area border tab Line technique panel, and choose the borderline technique from the Line technique drop-down list
  5. Line style
Why is the masking region tool useful?

Image Masking area could be useful in scenery like the following. You have to obscure part in a  project. You should  surely have a detailed family or model family and need the background of the part to mask  the model and other detailed components when it is loaded into a project

What are the three types of masks in photoshop?

We can take three types of masks in photoshop such as.

  1. Clipping Mask.
  2. Vector Layer Mask
  3. Pixel Layer Masks.
In what order do you wear a face mask?

What are the five types of masks in photoshop?

First, thinking of the maximum benefit exploited before approving any mask when layering a face mask order is also crucial.

Pixel mask, vector mask, quick masks, clipping path, and clipping mask.

What is the best masking tape to use when painting?

The best masking tape to use when the painting is the go-to tape for most painters and decorators as it offers you a crisp line when painting. Most clearness tapes will come in a range of widths and tack levels involving low-tack and outward. Duplicate to the common l objective belt it is about the creation

Can you use normal tape instead of masking tape?

In most cases, painter tape is successful for greater than masking tape. So, you may forsake it up for the period of most paint jobs. Convert removal duration for painter’s tape can be anywhere from several days to several weeks.

What is the difference between image masking and painter’s tape?

Basically masking is a spotted paper with a natural rubber sticky which could bleed and leave a remainder. On the other hand, painter tapes cling to the rear leaving a clean paint line but generally is not dependable.

Does masking tape work as paint tape?

Selected for its off-white color and comparatively lightweight, masking tape is a little more versatile. Offered it has a stronger sticky than painter’s tape, it’s good for making labels, fixing lightweight items, and in some situations, painting.

Are paper tape and masking tape different?

Masking tape may want itself for a crowd of tasks, it often isn’t sticky enough to be used to seal boxes and packages and paper tape gives a much more secure process to seal up boxes and packages, being much sharper.

Would you take the masking tape off when the paint is wet or dry?

Before removing the tape, you should wait until the paint is dry to the touch. Then you should check the paint can for the manufacturer’s dry times. You can use a putty knife or razor blade to score along with the tape. This type of paint from being pulled up with the tape and from cracking along the paint line.

Can you use normal tape instead of masking tape?

In case painter tape is stronger for longer than masking tape, so you may forsake it up for the duration of most paint jobs.  You should clear removal time for painter’s tape can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

What kinds of tape do you use on your walls?

You can use these types of tape such as wood, tile, glass, vinyl wallpaper and primed and painted walls. And another source is painting tape. You should want painter’s tape to trim, along flooring, or at one end of a wall to protect such things from paint when you are giving a room a fresh coat or two.

Best Process of Image resize on your business in 2023

Clipping path studio professional product image editing material specialists will crop, image resizes, and process a huge number of images firstly and expeditiously via cluster files. Clipping path studio pro, an e-Commerce photo editing service is a material team that also will certify that each picture we tend produces an area unit optimized for the online and can listen to the image dimensions, size, file format, and naming conventions. Be happy to contact Maine and send free trial pictures. How to size a picture in Photoshop please click here.

How can you resize your image?

If you want to resize your image you have to first use the top-bottom information with care and click and you have to drug it immediately. Then you have to checkmark found on the options panel to confirm the change. Next, you have to press the control D windows in this way you can resize your image.

To resize an image in a photoshop

  1. If you want a new image you need to open your image in photoshop.
  2. Then, you have to go to the image situated at the top of the windows
  3. Next time you would choose the image size.
  4. You need to open a new window
  5. You to maintain the part of your image and click the box next you have to save the all documents
  6. You can resize your image by selecting an” inch” for the unit of measurement.
  7. Input the width and height that you want.

The benefit of image resize

If you want to build up your eCommerce business to the top position in the whole world. You need your image resized so that your image looks very nice near the client. If you don’t want your image in particular. For this reason, a bad image cannot attract customers. You have to also image resize for this reason without image resize the page would not take the high speed. It would not take both your desktop and your smartphone. So, you have to do this service

Usually, I change the image size using Photoshop. The image size is 100% correct when you change the image size using Photoshop. If you want to delete the background, but you can choose to change the background size, you have to choose Photoshop. For photos and clippings, Photoshop is a good choice for Photoshop. We work to keep these things in mind when re-image revelation sizing the image.

Clipping Path Studio Pro background removal with image resize gives the confidence of very good quality. We have participated in manpower for background removal with image resize.

Changing image resize online:

If you wish, you can change the image size in different ways. But you will not get the job you like. To be saved We only do what we want. Therefore, we can trust another 100% of the image Crop an image transformation. Clipping Path Studio Pro will provide the best solution based on your orientation and our work experience. We are using the tool to Resile images in Adobe Photoshop. If your image is used by the Web, the image will be optimized and reproduced.

Need an image to resize the difference to 50kb

If you want to image variation image to 50kb, you can select clipping path Studio Pro. we are using image Change of size programs/software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, etc.

How image revelation image in Photoshop Your image is no tension clipping path Studio has a very experienced young person. You will only provide your image, quality of our experienced manpower image and time will be provided.

Best Image Masking Services In 2023

There are several applications in image masking services applications that can be used in various ways. Different users use this application in different ways. I always use updated applications, as illustrated in Adobe Photoshop CC2019, Illustrator cc 2019, and Lightroom CC Classic.

Table of Contents

Image masking

For the image masking service, we have very experienced staff. Our team performs any type of background removal and works very efficiently, such as the background removal device, the background, the transparent background, the layer mask, the alpha mask, etc. For the photographer model, our special service is available.

Clipping path studio pro editing of computer images and e-Commerce Studio transform images through advanced techniques of masking and masking layers, alpha masking, edge masking, masking transparencies, mask to alpha channels, and more the product itself instead of an image.

The clipping mask in Photoshop is a service that allows you to modify the mask if you wish. The clipping mask in Photoshop plays a very beneficial role in removing the background. It is a complete tool for Adobe Photoshop. Image masking is basically a complete strategy for any type of background removal device, color separation, hair masking, wool masking. You can see the products hanging on a white background. Functions such as image masking and clipping paths help to create images of the photographer’s products so that visitors are not confused with anything in the background.

image masking services:

It is necessary to improve the beauty of the product for any type of e-commerce activity. Product image, the image of the model, in which the image of any type is very important for the product to be attractive. Editing Photoshop images is essential to attract your product and expand your e-commerce business. The main goal of the Clipping path studio pro is to meet your needs. Feel free to work for a free trial.

Product image editing Services in 2023

product image editing service is known as an e-commerce photo retouching service is a way of product editing photos. To create all the images very attractive near the customer and catch the eyes brightly. it may be included in the way of the background making mannequin effects making shadow in photoshop service.

Product image editing services are including some ways

If anyone wants to produce an image editing service they have to do these tolls

By taking a relevant image: If anyone wants to build up his photoshop service. at first, he has to take a high-quality image to a product image editing service. In 2015 a person whose name was Gowsumi Azam shared a sliding site about product image editing services you can easily this service by following the ways

  1. you must select an expert photographer of the product if you want to sell it near the customer.

2. This image should not certainly be baseless or uncertain extra sights

3. The image should be more focused on the clients that you want to sell near the customer.

4. The product would be more framed near the clients

5. Your image background can be RGB.255.255.255

Including some angels: e-commerce products can be competitors against the experience and the catching and give the inspire them I’m a physical store. You can do simply your product by doing that.

Obviously, a visitor to the site can not touch, feel or look at the “real” product, therefore, optimized and high-quality images and a reliable partner of e-commerce photo editing services, as well as photo editing services of high-quality e-commerce, are of utmost importance to any online retailer.

Best Clipping path service

However, most photographs are not suitable for immediate publication; There are many changes that take time for EVERY photograph to obtain that “perfect” aspect. And even if you do not have time to take care of each image individually, do not worry: the photo editing services of clipping path studio pro products will take care of it for you!

SunTec offers photo editing services to our clients for more than 15 years. We have provided commercial photo editing services for a wide variety of verticals, including, among others, jewelry, clothing, furniture, automobiles, food, real estate, fashion, and many others. Our product image editing team removes unattractive backgrounds, unwanted distractions, poor lighting, and color defects (among many others) from your original photos to ensure your image is as close to perfection as possible.

Advantages of product image editing service

Actually, the product photo editing service provided sure consumer knowledge of the items and offers them an important experience.All time it is more inspiring to maintain a professional mode of the products ant it can be through the product pricing and described very importance. All the customer may not catch and feel the product in the online.You can also your image beautify by doing these tools.By doing these service your image looks these way

  1. Image look nicely
  2. Attractive to the customer
  3. Remove image stain
  4. it is affected by website sped optimization
  5. Increase your product sales.

Why do choose us to do this service?

We are provided all types of clipping path service in the world since 5 years. The name of our company is clipping path studio pro. about 20 employer work here they are very experience to do all kinds of photoshop service. We provide these types of service clipping path service, image editing service, image masking service , removal background . We do these service at a cheap rate that the other company we delivery all work in timely. We provide this service until you are not satisfied with our work. You can take a free trial before give us order.

Do you need Dress photo editing services?

Photo editing service

Photo editing service would change the colors, cut spots or blemishes, and retouch the product photo. And change the right express error prevents marks and artists create sight blend seamlessly into the background, after all, developing the details of the image.

Photo editing service you can this way

If you want a photo editing service you have to follow these rules

We eliminate stains, burns, and other “defects” of people in photos through photo editing techniques.P

Photo editing services:

We also provide clipping path service, outline drawing, color tracking, and image silo. Also photoshop clipping mask, multiple path or multiple cropping, image cropping, image cropping, background removal, and deleting one.

Background of an image or service of deep engraving Photoshop: masking service masking of images or masking of photographs, a mask of layers, masking of Photoshop, masking in alpha masking of Photoshop.

photo editing services
Image masking is a way of graphics software like photoshop to hide some part of an image and to publish part of the image. It is a non-destructive way of image editing. Most of the time it is to connect and tweak the mask later if you need. All-time it is an appropriate and huge creative way of image manipulation service.

Services of an edition of photos: Professional edition of photos, photo editing, product retouching, jewelry retouching, image enhancement, photo editing, and photo retouching.

Shadow creation service: light manipulation, shadow manipulation, external shadows, natural shadows, reflection shadows, and original shadows.

Clipping Path Studio Pro photo retouching gives the confidence of very good quality. We have participated manpower for product retouching.

Image manipulation service: neck or neck articulation or ghost manipulation and man Ichin fan Tasma Service, color change, color correction of Photoshop Color adjustment, color correction in Photoshop.

Image edit for birthday: Creating a photo collage for a birthday is always a great idea for a birthday present. Our birthday photo editor makes it very easy to produce a wonderful collage for that perfect gift. The birthday photo editor includes numerous templates so you can wish for a happy birthday with style. More than ten free templates in our birthday photo editor offer a wide selection to create a beautiful collage of birthday photos. Try our happy birthday photo editor and see how easy it is to produce amazing results.

wedding dress photo editor:

All the couples have the feeling that this is my only wedding event and I want to be the most beautiful all the time. The images of the wedding are an important part. There are two parts to filming weddings.

One is the skill of the photographer. How to compose this great image and show the beauty of the bride. Another is the best professional photo editor. Photoshop is the best but it is too difficult. I think you can try Fotor to meet your needs. For example, change the light of the whole image, lose weight for this bride, add some filters for this image, etc.

The Reasons Why We Love The Photo For retouching service

Dress Retouching:An “invisible mannequin”, also called “phantom mannequin” or “3D mannequin”, is a retouching technique that combines two or more product images to eliminate a mannequin or model in post production. The result is a product that has a natural shape as if it were used, without the distraction of a body.

Color Cast taking away:Lights have colors “Color cast” is an unwanted coloring of the product due to lighting conditions. You can avoid color conversion during product photography with properly configured white balance settings and a gray card, but if you make mistakes, you can eliminate the color selection in post production.

Leather impression Removal:Leather is a wonderful material that quickly shows signs of use. This is not a problem for your old belt or favorite leather jacket, but it keeps your product looking like new in the product photos. The touch-up can soften skin marks, wrinkles, wrinkles, etc.

Away lap from Packaging:The samples spend a lot of time in transit: they are sent from the factory, they sit on the shelves of the stores, they travel with sales representatives to visit the retailers and they even sit in the studio. This means that the packing folds are pressed in depth and difficult to remove with a steam or iron rod. The retouch can eliminate wrinkles from the package.

Why my drop shadow photoshop is better than other

Drop shadow photoshop:

The exhibition of products with 3D illustrations has facilitated direct shading service. The spectators get the same taste and are placed on a white or black background. It’s made for a professional, it’s about making high marks on behalf of Las Vegas. Catalog ads, newspaper designers, and retail buyers use this service frequently.

Reflection Shadowing Photoshop:

The reflected shadow allows the viewer to show the product next to a mirror or glass. The reflective shadow is usually shaded cloning the same image at a lower opacity. It gives a complete 3D effect to an image and, sometimes, it seems bigger than it really is.
Clipping Path Studio Pro offers a very competitive price to our customers. Our experienced professionals are ready to face any project, big or small.

Natural Shadowing:

When a shadow is in the opposite direction to the light source, a natural shadow is created. To make the background you need to eliminate, replace it with a white background and form a shadow to make it look natural. It is used in the design of the product catalog, in the magazine, in the advertising, and in the product brochure. Create a Long Shadow please click here

Now you can have the photo masking of your dreams cheaper/faster than you ever imagine

Photo masking:

Image masking is one of the complex procedures of image editing. To eliminate the backdrop, objects have fuzzy ends or many edges such as blowing hair, fur hats, wool sweaters. It applies when a typical clipping path cannot cover. Restored to the original image at any time, if necessary and Image masking techniques do not change the original layer.

Clipping path Studio Pro has acquired satisfaction and comfort over the years thanks to the extraordinary understanding of customer needs, the perfection of each image, the rigorous quality control at a reasonable cost. We treat each of our clients, regardless of the size of their order, with the same priority and guarantee the same image quality. you are interested in knowing about the masking of masking, you can see here.

Types of the image mask:

The image masking is divided into two categories:
Level masking: No effect on the original effect. If necessary, you can remove the mask to return to the original image.
• Masking channel set is a process of masking raster with CMYK, RGB, and other custom channels. It is a very efficient and fast process to select objects with color contrast to the surrounding pixels, which consists in creating a mask that can be loaded in a different channel as a selection.
Advantages of the masking of the image.

Best Photoshop Realistic shadow services In 2023

Photoshop realistic shadow service can be easily created by using Photoshop filters. But it is not possible to create a 3D shape of the product by applying it. By using drop shadow, a fake shadow can be created on the rear side of the product, which can be set at various angles such as left, right, top, bottom, and shadow opacity, and the glow can be created. But it is cheaper than natural or product shadow.


Why do you realistic shadow service?

Generally, it is applied to some specific products, such as clothing items (shirts, T-shirt pants, panties, underwear, etc.), and product items (books, table clothes, pens, mobile, wallets, flat, simple rings, flat chains, earrings, etc.)

Table of Contents

Why need vector design service in 2022

In spite of maintaining the steps mentioned above, the quality of a catalog depends mostly on graphic design. Proper color adjustment, size, retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, exposure correction of different products or images used in the catalog and overall page design, color combination, proper selection of type settings, and font size are necessary to make a quality catalog. In spite of maintaining the steps mentioned above, the quality of a catalog depends mostly on graphic design. Proper color adjustment, size, retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, exposure correction of different products or images used in the catalog and overall page design, color combination, proper selection of type settings, and font size are necessary to make a quality catalog. In spite of maintaining the steps mentioned above, the quality of a catalog depends mostly on graphic design. Proper color adjustment, size, retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, exposure correction of different products or images used in the catalog and overall page design, color combination, proper selection of type settings, and font size are necessary to make a quality catalog. In spite of maintaining the steps mentioned above, the quality of a catalog depends mostly on graphic design. Proper color adjustment, size, retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, exposure correction of different products or images used in the catalog and overall page design, color combination, proper selection of type settings, and font size are necessary to make a quality catalog. In spite of maintaining the steps mentioned above, the quality of a catalog depends mostly on graphic design. Proper color adjustment, size, retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, exposure correction of different products or images used in the catalog and overall page design, color combination, proper selection of type settings, and font size are necessary to make a quality catalog. In spite of maintaining the steps mentioned above, the quality of a catalog depends mostly on graphic design. Proper color adjustment, size, retouching, color correction, brightness, contrast, exposure correction of different products or images used in the catalog and overall page design, color combination, proper selection of type settings, and font size are necessary to make a quality catalog.