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Professional Hair Masking services

Clipping path Studio has gained client satisfaction and comfort over the years by their outstanding understanding to the client’s requirement, perfection to every image, strict quality assurance at reasonable cost. We treat each of our clients, irrespective of the size of their order, with the same priority and assure the same quality image.

Types of Image Masking

Image masking can be divided into 2 different categories –

  • Layer Masking– The masking is done on a completely different layer from the original. No affect is done on the original one. If required, masking can be removed to get back to the original image.
  • Channel Masking– Instead of layers, this process is done on the Channels. It’s a raster masking process with CMYK, RGB and other custom channels. It’s a very effective and swift process for selecting object with color contrast to the surrounding pixels that is to create mask which can be load to a different channel as a selection.

Benefits of Image Masking

  • No change or distortion happened on the original image.
  • It separates and eliminates a required portion of an image.
  • It gives crafting transparency without changing the expression of photos.
  • It removes backdrops from images and customizes the background.
  • It helps to make ads, magazine cover pages and similar items with hazy substances.

Use of Image Masking

  • Blowing and raising hairs of models.
  • Transparent items like water, glass, ice cubes, soot, fluid, fine rims jewelry items.
  • Translucent objects like tempered glass, smoke, lightning, highlights and so on.
  • Items with fuzzy edges like fur, trees, flowers and more

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