Photoshop ghost mannequin remove service

Neck joint is one of the main services of Skill Graphics. The process is used to joint multiple sections of a garment to create a 3D view of the product. Shoppers use mannequin to show the views to give an idea about the shape. The problem of using mannequin is, it cover up the back part of the garments like neck, lower back, cuffs, logo, size and other information sticker. We usually joint 2 or more different photo shots to show complete view of the garments and at the same time remove the mannequin as well. It helps customer to get a single view of the product including the inner back side.
Benefits of Neck Joint
• To have a full view of photos
• To showcase complete view of a garments
• To let the costumer see the label of the garments
• To effectively show your product in a unique way
Utility of Neck Joint
• E-commerce business
• Fashion photography
• Ready made garments
• Professional clothing photography
Skill Graphics specialty in terms of Neck Joint
• Devoted 24/7 customer service
• 3 steps quality assurance process
• 24 hours standard Turn Around Time
• Clients are served in a dedicated and time saving manner.
• Professional and dedicated image manipulation team with highest quality assurance
• We can give you a full appearance of a product image which is crucial to target your customers.
• Our professional team posses outstanding communication abilities and technically sound knowledge in terms of photo neck joint tasks

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