Ghost mannequin

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Neck joint service:

Neck joint services, also known as the ghost mannequin effect is currently one of the most widely used Photoshop service when it comes to showcasing your garment products on the E-commerce sites. If you want to know about e-Commerce, you can see it here.

Ghost mannequin usually requires two or three images of the same garment product worn by the mannequin or a model. Our highly skilled team is able to remove the mannequin from the images, add the removed part with other images of the product and make the image more presentable for online sites. We do 3 types of ghost mannequin services.


In this method, we combine two images together by taking the front part of one image of the garment product and the neck part from the other image. We remove the ghost mannequin and combine the two to make it look like there is an invisible mannequin. We also remove or change the backgrounds in this case as per our customers’ requests.


This method consists of three images of the same garment product. Ghost mannequin usually includes one image with the front part of the garment, one with the neck and the other with the inside bottom part of the garment. This gives the garment product a more realistic presentation. Thus the product becomes appealing to the customers on online sites. We do hundreds of neck joints each day with perfection.


Ghost mannequin simply includes removing the creases and wrinkles from the photos of the garment products or putting a perfect shape to the image that are oddly shaped. We do this by using the liquefy tool on Photoshop. Hurry and try our FREE TRIAL service to begin with!

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