All kind of product retouching service in affordable price

It covers color correction, color changing, color enhancement, dust remove, re-production of selected part and more. Our experts are ready to work with any requirement supplied by top commercial brands and photographers to help them shine.

Reflection shadow & Drop shadow services

Drop Shadow

Showcasing product with 3D illustration has been made easy by drop shadowing service. Viewers get the same flavor if placed in a white or black background. If done by professional, it feels that the product is raised above the things behind it. Catalog Advertisement, Newspaper Designers and Retail shoppers frequently use this service.

Reflection Shadowing

Reflection shadow lets the viewer show the product next to a mirror or glass. Reflective shadow is usually a drop shadow by cloning the same image in a lower opacity. It gives a full 3D effect to an image and sometimes look bigger than it actually is.

Clipping Path Studio offers a very competitive price to our clients. Our experienced professionals are ready to deal with any project both large and small.

professional image retouching services in cheap rate

Head shot Retouching:

Head shot photography is usually used for corporate affairs and to show your team on the website. We helped our corporate clients and photographers to retouch the images the way they want it.

Product Retouching

It covers color correction, color changing, color enhancement, dust remove, re-production of selected part and more. Our experts are ready to work with any requirement supplied by top commercial brands and photographers to help them shine.

Glamour Retouching

This is a top level of retouching services provided specially for fashion industry, model and celebrity image. Age reduction, digital make-up, skin tone, eye color, hair color, body shaping and even complex jobs are included in this category

Jewelry retouching

Winning photos of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are unthinkable today without jewelry retouching service. In today’s highly retouched advertising world, people assume everything can be solved with a quick airbrushing in Photoshop. We provide jewelry photo retouching services for the products of any complexity and made of any materials: from precious metals to costume jewelry, with and without gemstones. Jewelry photos require intense Photoshop manipulations: blemishes removal, color correction, re-drawing of important parts, blinks and reflections, making the images more acute.

Professional Hair Masking services

Clipping path Studio has gained client satisfaction and comfort over the years by their outstanding understanding to the client’s requirement, perfection to every image, strict quality assurance at reasonable cost. We treat each of our clients, irrespective of the size of their order, with the same priority and assure the same quality image.

Types of Image Masking

Image masking can be divided into 2 different categories –

  • Layer Masking– The masking is done on a completely different layer from the original. No affect is done on the original one. If required, masking can be removed to get back to the original image.
  • Channel Masking– Instead of layers, this process is done on the Channels. It’s a raster masking process with CMYK, RGB and other custom channels. It’s a very effective and swift process for selecting object with color contrast to the surrounding pixels that is to create mask which can be load to a different channel as a selection.

Benefits of Image Masking

  • No change or distortion happened on the original image.
  • It separates and eliminates a required portion of an image.
  • It gives crafting transparency without changing the expression of photos.
  • It removes backdrops from images and customizes the background.
  • It helps to make ads, magazine cover pages and similar items with hazy substances.

Use of Image Masking

  • Blowing and raising hairs of models.
  • Transparent items like water, glass, ice cubes, soot, fluid, fine rims jewelry items.
  • Translucent objects like tempered glass, smoke, lightning, highlights and so on.
  • Items with fuzzy edges like fur, trees, flowers and more

photoshop realistic shadow services

Image drop shadow can be easily created by using Photoshop filters. But it is not possible to create a 3D shape of product by applying it. By using drop shadow, a fake shadow can be created on the rear side of product, which can be set at various angles such as left, right, top, bottom and shadow opacity, the glow can be created. But it is cheaper than natural or product shadow.

Generally it is applied to some specific products, such as clothing items (shirt, T-shirt pant, panty, underwear, etc.), product item (book, table clothes, pen, mobile, wallet, flat, simple ring, flat chain, ear ring etc.)

Neck Joint Service

Neck joint is one of the main services of Skill Graphics. The process is used to joint multiple sections of a garment to create a 3D view of the product. Shoppers use mannequin to show the views to give an idea about the shape. The problem of using mannequin is, it cover up the back part of the garments like neck, lower back, cuffs, logo, size and other information sticker. We usually joint 2 or more different photo shots to show complete view of the garments and at the same time remove the mannequin as well. It helps customer to get a single view of the product including the inner back side.
Benefits of Neck Joint
• To have a full view of photos
• To showcase complete view of a garments
• To let the costumer see the label of the garments
• To effectively show your product in a unique way
Utility of Neck Joint
• E-commerce business
• Fashion photography
• Ready made garments
• Professional clothing photography
Skill Graphics specialty in terms of Neck Joint
• Devoted 24/7 customer service
• 3 steps quality assurance process
• 24 hours standard Turn Around Time
• Clients are served in a dedicated and time saving manner.
• Professional and dedicated image manipulation team with highest quality assurance
• We can give you a full appearance of a product image which is crucial to target your customers.
• Our professional team posses outstanding communication abilities and technically sound knowledge in terms of photo neck joint tasks