Fundamental photo editing in Lightroom Classic | Adobe Photoshop

Adobe recently made a big splash in the post-production area of digital photography with a new product designed to streamlined process the photo editing job. The product, Lightroom (currently in beta), propose photographers a new way to working with their digital photos. It’s clean up, accomplishe
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Exposure your images

Expression is the amount of light attractive the ground of film or digital imaging sensor. It refers to the amount of light recorded on the film or sensor. Applying various exposure modes can various your photos, although finding the right exposure is tricky!

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All Kind of Shadow creating service in photoshop

Photoshop shadow service is one of the most important image manipulation services. There are some products which look unusual and unattractive. In such types of photo, the quality of image can be increased to attract the customers by adding shadow and creative 3D shape of products.

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There are many ways this feat can be achieved. With the use of filters and adjustment layers, a person can achieve this feat which is illustrated here. First of all, open an image that you would like Read more ..

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