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The clipping path studio pro mistrust that it is not always easy to choose the right supplier to outsource the requirements for improving the image and e-commerce, and that is why we invite you to make a free trial of our e-commerce photo editing services first commit to a long-term relationship, as this would mean that you can first see the quality of our e-commerce image edition. Get in touch with us today and let our eCommerce photo editing team start working on your images today.

In reality, post-processing does not replace good work with the camera, but it can often improve the good work with the camera. In general, photographers have modified their images since photography began to exist. Raw images facilitate image enhancement by editing and retouching images.

Product images Editing Services

Product photo editing services

As the voice communication goes, an image values 1000 words. Any online initiative worthy of that name knows that at the end of the day there are images of attractive products, which make the user take out the credit card and buy everything necessary. Obviously, a visitor to the site can not touch, feel or look at the “real” product, therefore, optimized and high-quality images and a reliable partner of e-commerce photo editing services, as well as photo editing services of high-quality e-commerce, are of utmost importance to any online retailer.

However, most photographs are not suitable for immediate publication; There are many changes that take time for EVERY photograph to obtain that “perfect” aspect. And even if you do not have time to take care of each image individually, do not worry: the photo editing services of clipping path studio pro products will take care of it for you!

SunTec offers photo editing services to our clients for more than 15 years. We have provided commercial photo editing services for a wide variety of verticals, including, among others, jewelry, clothing, furniture, automobiles, food, real estate, fashion, and many others. Our product image editing team removes unattractive backgrounds, unwanted distractions, poor lighting and color defects (among many others) from your original photos to ensure your image is as close to perfection as possible.

How dress photo editor made me a better salesperson

Clipping path studio pro photo editing services include crop images, along with color corrections and contrast settings. We understand how to show an image with the best light.we will make sure that the correct angles are selected for the best visualization. We eliminate stains, burns and other “defects” of people in photos through photo editing techniques.

Photo editing services: We are also provide clipping path service, outline drawing, color tracking, image silo. Also photoshop clipping mask, multiple path or multiple cropping, image cropping, image cropping, background removal, deleting one.

Background of an image or service of deep engraving Photoshop: masking service masking of images or masking of photographs, a mask of layers, masking of Photoshop, masking in alpha masking of Photoshop.

Services of an edition of photos:Professional edition of photos, photo editing, product retouching, jewelry retouching, image enhancement, photo editing, and photo retouching.

Shadow creation service: light manipulation, shadow manipulation, external shadows, natural shadows, reflection shadows and original shadow.

Image manipulation service: neck or neck articulation or ghost manipulation and man Ichin fan Tasma Service, color change, color correction of Photoshop Color adjustment, color correction in Photoshop.

Image edit for birthday:Creating a photo collage for a birthday is always a great idea for a birthday present. Our birthday photo editor makes it very easy to produce a wonderful collage for that perfect gift. The birthday photo editor includes numerous templates so you can wish for a happy birthday with style. More than ten free templates in our birthday photo editor offer a wide selection to create a beautiful collage of birthday photos. Try our happy birthday photo editor and see how easy it is to produce amazing results.

wedding dress photo editor:

All the couples have the feeling that this is my only wedding event and I want to be the most beautiful all the time. The images of the wedding are an important part. There are two parts to filming weddings.

One is the skill of the photographer. How to compose this great image and show the beauty of the bride. Another is the best professional photo editor. Photoshop is the best but it is too difficult. I think you can try Fotor to meet your needs. For example, change the light of the whole image, lose weight for this bride, add some filters for this image, etc.

The Reasons Why We Love The Photo For Retouch Industry

Dress Retouching:An “invisible mannequin”, also called “phantom mannequin” or “3D mannequin”, is a retouching technique that combines two or more product images to eliminate a mannequin or model in post production. The result is a product that has a natural shape as if it were used, without the distraction of a body.

Color Cast taking away:Lights have colors “Color cast” is an unwanted coloring of the product due to lighting conditions. You can avoid color conversion during product photography with properly configured white balance settings and a gray card, but if you make mistakes, you can eliminate the color selection in post production.

Leather impression Removal:Leather is a wonderful material that quickly shows signs of use. This is not a problem for your old belt or favorite leather jacket, but it keeps your product looking like new in the product photos. The touch-up can soften skin marks, wrinkles, wrinkles, etc.

Away lap from Packaging:The samples spend a lot of time in transit: they are sent from the factory, they sit on the shelves of the stores, they travel with sales representatives to visit the retailers and they even sit in the studio. This means that the packing folds are pressed in depth and difficult to remove with a steam or iron rod. The retouch can eliminate wrinkles from the package.

Why my drop shadow photoshop is better than other

Drop shadow photoshop:

The exhibition of products with 3D illustrations has facilitated direct shading service. The spectators get the same taste and are placed on a white or black background. It’s made for a professional, it’s about making high marks on behalf of Las Vegas. Catalog ads, newspaper designers, and retail buyers use this service frequently.

Reflection Shadowing Photoshop:

The reflected shadow allows the viewer to show the product next to a mirror or glass. The reflective shadow is usually shaded cloning the same image at a lower opacity. It gives a complete 3D effect to an image and, sometimes, it seems bigger than it really is.
Clipping Path Studio Pro offers a very competitive price to our customers. Our experienced professionals are ready to face any project, big or small.

Natural Shadowing:

When a shadow is in the opposite direction to the light source, a natural shadow is created. To make the background you need to eliminate, replace it with a white background and form a shadow to make it look natural. It is used in the design of the product catalog, in the magazine, in the advertising, and in the product brochure. Create a Long Shadow please click here

Photo for retouch is bound to make an impact in your business

Photo retouching service

Who does not want to be nice with their photos? But is photography enough to do it the way you or your photographer want it? No, it’s not enough. Few things cannot be covered through the photograph itself. It requires an additional touch to make things look as expected. All this is possible thanks to the photo editing service. We provide services to a wide range of clients, from small to large.

Basic retouching in photoshop:

The smoothing of wrinkles, ray scars, color correction or exposure is covered by the basic touch-up service. Our designers who have years of experience in the treatment of thousands of adjustments can deliver the images to your liking. All images are processed and delivered within 24 hours.

Head shot retouching service:

Featured photography is usually used for business purposes and to show your team on the website. We have helped our corporate clients and photographers to retouch the images to their liking.

Product retouching in Photoshop:

It covers color correction, color change, color enhancement, dust removal, reproduction of the selected part and more. Our experts are ready to work with any need provided by the best brands and photographers to help them shine.

Beauty retouching services:

This is a high-end retouching service offered specifically for the fashion industry, model and image of celebrities. This category includes age reduction, digital makeup, skin tone, eye color, hair color, body modeling and even complex jobs.

High end jewelry retouching service:

Jewelery retouching service plays a very important role in illustrating a quality jewelry graphic. If you want to get any jewelry photographer you can see here.The winning photos of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are unthinkable today without the jewelry retouching service. In the highly retouched advertising world of today, people assume that everything can be solved with fast airbrushing in Photoshop. We offer photo editing services for products of any complexity and made of any material: from precious metals to jewelry, with and without precious stones. Jewelry photos require intense manipulation of Photoshop: elimination of imperfections, correction of color, re-drawing of important parts, blinking of eyelashes and reflections, making the images more acute.

Now you can have the photo masking of your dreams cheaper/faster than you ever imagined

Photo masking:

Image masking is one of the complex procedures of image editing. To eliminate the backdrop, objects have fuzzy ends or many edges such as blowing hair, fur hats, wool sweaters. It applies when a typical clipping path cannot cover. Restored to the original image at any time, if necessary and Image masking techniques do not change the original layer.
Clipping path Studio pro has acquired satisfaction and comfort over the years thanks to the extraordinary understanding of customer needs, the perfection of each image, the rigorous quality control at a reasonable cost. We treat each of our clients, regardless of the size of their order, with the same priority and guarantee the same image quality. you are interested knowing about the masking of masking, you can see here.

Types of the image mask:

The image masking divided into two categories:

Level masking: No effect on the original effect.. If necessary, you can remove the mask to return to the original image.
• Masking channelseIt is a process of masking raster with CMYK, RGB, and other custom channels. It is a very efficient and fast process to select objects with color contrast to the surrounding pixels, which consists in creating a mask that can be loaded in a different channel as a selection.
Advantages of the masking of the image.

Fundamental photo editing in Lightroom Classic | Adobe Photoshop

Lightroom color adjustment

I have seen several posts recently around the web talking about how people use third party apps like Blog Stomp to create the images that they feature on their blogs and social media. To me this seems like an extra step that I don’t want to deal with and so I just do it from Lightroom (something that apparently not a lot of you knew that you could do).

I think that the reason many of you do not know about the ability to do this from Lightroom because it is not built into the standard export feature that you normally use to export your images. In order to export these blog ready duos and collages you need to click on the Print module, a place I am sure many of you hardly use.

Creating a simple “Duo” layout is really quite easy and you can take what you learn here to create your own templates for different layouts. Basically however you get this all to figure is by tricking Light room into thinking that you just are fitting a layout to be written, but instead of printing you export to jpg that you’ll be able to then transfer to the net.

1: Open Lightroom and navigate to the “Print” module

2: If it is not activated by Default Select “Custom Package” as the Layout Style

3: If checked, un-check the Rotate to Fit, Photo Border and Inner Stroke Options

4: Set the Ruler units to “Inches” and the Grid Snap to “Off”

5: choose Print to “JPEG File” and enter a resolution of “100 ppi”

6: Enter the size you want for your template, in my case I wanted the final image to be 624px by 463px, so I entered 6.24 x 4.63. Basically mentally remove the period between the numbers and you have your px size. So for example if I want something to be sized for Facebook I would create it at 9.20in wide (or 920px).

7: Add your Image Sections to the Template. In this case since we tend to ar making a pair we want 2 portrait sized slots.

8: Adjust the Cell size to 4.63 x 3.09 (if you are wanting to go with the 624px wide design that I am talking about).

9: Move the new Cell to the left half of your layout.

10: Repeat Steps 7, 8 and 9 (except with 9 move the cell to the right half of your layout)

11: (Optional) I like to stick my logo in the bottom right side of the images when I upload it online. To do this Check the “Identity Plate” option and then place the logo on the images wherever you prefer it.

12: Save your Template

Once you have the images placed as you would like them to then all you need to do is export the image. To do this just click on the “Print To File” button in the bottom right.

It is that simple. The image will be exported to whatever location that you select after clicking “Print to File”. Once you are done with the blog images you want to post simply navigate to that location and upload them to your blog or social media.

It takes a very little time to set up these templates however you want them but once you saved your templates, you never have to make them again. The process is so much faster than exporting the images and then importing them into some third party application. Save your time and do it in lightroom.

An added benefit is that since you are exporting these layouts directly from lightroom they will be in higher quality than the ones from a third party app which has to re-compress your already exported Jpg. The images from lightroom are only being compressed once and so they will likely look better when they are uploaded online.